Monday, August 13, 2012


Since starting this blog about six months ago, I have gotten so much positive feedback from supporters and friends.  As always, when you put yourself out there, you are also inevitably going to get negative feedback and criticism.  Recently, I have started to get some of the rudest and oddest comments about some of my posts, my taste, and more.  I know that I elicit these comments by blogging, but my questions is- why the hell do people take the time to read and/or follow my blog if they don't like it?  Don't they have anything better to do with their time?  If you don't like my blog, great, move on to a blog you do like.  There are plenty of them out there!  I never asked anyone to read my posts or comment, I don't do this for anyone but myself, and I would be content if nobody even read my stuff.  I simply find it sad that there are people out there that have so little in their lives that all they do is spend their time criticizing others.  So for all the haters out there, this post is for you.  Enjoy!
Source: via Ali on Pinterest


  1. Well... I LOVE you AND your blog. Stupid haters. Just jealous of your good taste:) xo

  2. No worries Ali! I had a couple of negative comments too and came to a conclusion that it must be a really sad life to wake up in the morning and make it a point to bring somebody else down. I mean really, would you ever want to be in their lonely, mean spirited shoes? Didn't think so. Just keep doing what you love! xoxo

    1. Very true- thank you so much for your encouraging words!

  3. I love everything you blog about! You have the most fabulous style ; ) xoxo