Friday, July 20, 2012

Ballard Designs Fabric Finds

My mom is interested in changing the decorative pillows in the living area at our lake house.  While we thought about going to multiple fabric stores to find some colors and patterns we loved, I decided to first check out Ballard Designs.  For years, Ballard Designs has been a go-to store for me when I need something for the home.  It has all kinds of great furniture, accessories, and fabrics for great prices.  As I expected, I found many great fabrics at Ballard Designs and they are much cheaper than many comparable fabrics you would find at a fabric store.  While we have yet to decide what fabric to use at the lake, it is still helpful to know that Ballard has great fabrics for future use.  Here are some of my favorite Ballard Fabric finds from today....

Source: via Ali on Pinterest
Are you a Ballard fan?

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