Friday, June 22, 2012

European Vacation- Prague

Next stop... Prague.  I absolutely fell in love with Prague!  I had been dying to go there, and it was even better than I anticipated.  Prague was beautiful, busy, and FUN!  So much to see during the day and tons of great nightlife, not to mention amazing food.  Old town Prague is the place to go- you are guaranteed to have a good time.  While in Prague, we saw another great outdoor market, the Charles Bridge, another "Love Locks" bridge, the Lennon Wall, the Prague Castle, and the Franz Kafka museum.  The view from the Charles Bridge is amazing, as is the view from the Castle (if you can handle the hundreds of stairs it takes to get to the top).  The Lennon wall was by far my favorite.  It is colorful and filled with great inspirational quotes!  We also were in Prague for the beginning of the Euro Cup soccer tournament and quickly realized how popular soccer is in Europe.  If you haven't been to Prague, it is a must see.  I will definitely be heading back sometime in the near future...
Don't miss out on this fabulous city!

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