Tuesday, May 1, 2012

European Vacation

If you are a teacher, you know how exciting the end of the school year can be.  Summer is just within reach, and we are all dreaming of our time off from the kiddos (not that we don't love them).  With seventeen days of school left, I am definitely getting into summer mode.  In exactly one month, I will be heading to Europe for three weeks.  Call me crazy, but I am "leading" a group of high school girl graduates through Europe in June... should be interesting.  Here's where I'll be: Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Interlaken, Milan, Avignon, and Barcelona.  Here are some pictures of the cities I'll be traveling to with my rowdy bunch of girls... pray for me!
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  1. What beautiful photographs, and what beautiful cities! You are going to have an AMAZING time!!!

    1. I can't wait!!! I'm sure I will have lots of good stories, too...