Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wavering on Wallpaper

I used to really not be the biggest fan of wallpaper.  I thought it always created a cluttered look, but now I am starting to change my opinion on it.  It is safe to say that I have been wavering back and forth between liking it and not being so into it.  I have found that some wallpapers add just the right amount of color and pattern that a room needs to make it look complete.  Farrow and Ball wallpaper is by far my favorite, yet I am still not sure if I would use any wallpaper in a large room.  I definitely have a fear of getting sick of it, but I do like the idea of using wallpaper in a small space like a bathroom or home office.  I also love wallpaper in a kid's room as there is some adorable kid wallpaper for sale out there.  What do you think?
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Are you a fan of wallpaper?  Do you have it in your house?

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