Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Affordable Art Prints

I am so in love with all of the Massimo Vitali beach photos.  How I would love to have one in my house some day.  For now though, I have found this similar print and it is much more doable on my teacher budget.  It is called Praia Piquinia and is by Christian Chaize.  Usually you can buy it at 20 X 200, although they are currently sold out.  A friend recently told me about 20 X 200 and it is seriously one of the best sources for affordable art.  You can browse through tons of great prints and each is available in many different sizes.  Those of us who are super lazy can even get them already framed!  Have you ever bought anything from 20 X 200?  If so, what is it??        
Source: 20x200.com via Ali on Pinterest


  1. Hey Ali! You should check out the recent work of Gray Malin at www.maisongray.com. He recently did a collection that's very similar. I have a piece from his Prada Marfa collection and I <3 it!


    1. Thanks for the tip! i just checked out the Gray Malin prints and LOVE them all!!!